Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides (HHA)

Home Health Aides (HHA) help people who are chronically ill, disabled or cognitively impaired, as well as elderly adults who may need assistance living in their own homes or in residential facilities. Most (HHA) work with clients who need more care than family or friends can provide. Home Health Aides provide instruction, physical and psychological support. This includes all aspects of ADL and IDAL’s services… (See list of services)

At ACHA, our hiring standards raise the bar in the home healthcare industry. Our company uses a multi-step screening process to make sure only the best Home Health Aides are hired. ACHA has created two distinct levels of Home Health Aide care, (Custodial and Companion) both of which exceed the industry standard.

All ACHA Home Health Aides are licensed, trained, backgrounds checked, fingerprinted and are legal to work in the United States. All our Premier caregivers have strong relevant experience, are reliable, caring, and offer excellent care and companionship.

Home Health Aides are under the supervision of a Registered Nurse Care Manager who follows the orders of a family physician. ACHA clients and their families have continuous access to our care management team.

Our Patient-Centered Care

Alaska Co-operative Homecare knows that quality services influence far more than the physical health of their clients; it contributes directly to their quality of life. With this in mind, the team looks beyond standard healthcare and works to specifically tailor services for each client.

Continuity of Care

In homecare, more than any other home care situation; a strong relationship between client and caregiver is vital to success. With this in mind, ACHA strives to carefully match caregivers with clients so that the specific needs of each client align with the expertise, ... experience, and availability of their caregivers. The continuity of care provides is particularly important. It allows caregivers to become familiar with a client’s normal mood and status so that changes in behavior or health can more easily be detected over time. In addition to improving the quality of care provided, this consistency helps assure clients that they are being cared for by a person they know and trust. As our Caregivers are worker-owners, and the likelihood of long-term relationships… have been proven to be contently longer.


One of the main reasons home-care clients choose homecare over other available options is the desire to maintain their independence while still receiving the care and assistance they need. ACHA works to provide in-home care to preserve client comfort and independence.... Giving clients a level of control and flexibility in their care they would not receive in many other settings. To this end, members of the team work with clients and family members to create plans of care that provide for client safety and effective outcomes while minimizing changes in daily routine.
Client participation in care is important. For this reason, dedicated client care representatives (care managers) establish and build relationships and encourage communication so that client needs can be met. ACHA strives to make its representatives available 24/7 to answer questions, schedule visits, respond to client requests, and facilitate care.

Comprehensive Approach

In keeping with a focus on overall quality of life, our clinical supervisor nurse, assessing the overall health and wellness of each client. In addition to there specific health needs. We can focus on the details of care while remaining committed to the mental, emotional,... and social needs of your loved one..
Alaska Co-operative Homecare strives to promote community resources to assist our clients in maintaining independence, quality of life, as well as social and environmental needs. (Talk with your care manager for more info on community recourses :)

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