Care Management

Geriatric Care Management Services is an emerging concept for families needing oversight and advocacy

Services from a Care Manager should be something that every family takes advantage of, but in reality very few families are offered these services. Care managers could go a long ways towards helping the family with cost containment and finding a better and more efficient ways of providing care for a loved one.

The concept is simple; ACHA provides a care manager (at no addional costs) that acts as a guide through the maze of long-term care services and providers. By providing consumer education and advocacy, reducing costs by avoiding inappropriate placements, duplication of services, and unnecessary hospitalizations.

Below is a partial list of what a care manager might do:

  • Assess the level and type of care needed and develop a care plan
  • Take steps to start the care plan and keep it functioning
  • Make sure care is received in a safe and disability friendly environment
  • Resolve family conflicts and other family issues relating to long term care
  • Become an advocate for the care recipient and the family caregiver
  • Manage care for a loved one for out-of-town families
  • Conduct ongoing assessments to monitor and implement changes in care
  • Oversee and direct care provided at home
  • Coordinate the efforts of key support systems
  • Arrange for services of legal and financial advisors
  • Assistance with placement in assisted living facilities or nursing homes
  • Monitor the care of a family member in a nursing home or in assisted living
  • Assist with the monitoring of medications
  • Find appropriate solutions to avoid a crisis
  • Coordinate medical appointments and medical information
  • Arrange transportation to medical appointments
  • Assist families in positive decision making

What is a Patient Advocate?

How can a Patient Advocate help you Stay healthy?

• So many questions, so little time. Is this how you’re feeling about your next appointment with your doctor? Would you rather feel empowered and less frustrated instead?

• We all know the American healthcare system has become more complex and fragmented and the cost of medical care is increasingly falling on us, the consumer. Our fears and frustrations continue to grow in response.

• When it’s your health at stake it’s hard to stay calm and focused so you can be confident you are making informed decisions. That’s why people are turning to professional Patient Advocates to help them navigate the arduous road of healthcare and stay healthy.

Today you need a Patient Advocate by your side and on your side.

• As your Patient Advocate we will accompany you to appointments with your doctor, help them go smoothly, and result in the outcome that meets your goals.

We will use our training and expertise to help you:

  • Prepare for your appointment.
  • Convey your needs and concerns.
  • Stay on track and get your questions answered.
  • Understand the next steps you need to take

What’s the bottom line?

• As you’re Patient Advocate you can save time, worry, and money, and concentrate on taking care of your health.

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