Care Certificate

Care- Certificate Bundles (CCB)’s Difference

If you’re paying out-of-pocket for Non-medical Home care than you’ll want to read this

The State of Alaska (Department of Aging) recognizes the need for affordable care for individuals requiring home supervision and Care.

Those families and individuals unable to qualify and receive waiver services through Medicaid and are forced to pay-out-of pocket for Non-medical care are Now offered an alternative…receive dividends back through Alaska’s Co-operative Care-Certificate discount program by ACHA.

As a Co-op member

You are eligible to receive Care certificates. These Certificates are sold in Bundles and are based on a sliding scale need for services.

An assessment of ‘’need for services’’ is provided at ‘no charge’’ and is scheduled Monday thru Friday 10am – 3pm.

A Caseworker is assigned and will call you prior to your discharge from a hospital or will make arrangements to visit you at your place of residence.

Following the assessment you will receive a cost analyses that breaks down the required care and costs associated with providing services through ACHA.

As an Alaskan resident and members of ACHA you will be offered significant discounts. As Coop members you’ll receive dividends back in the form of Care hours. For every dollar spent the Co-op dividend program calculates a 2% return in working hours given back each month of service provided.

The saving to families over a year’s time can be significant. ‘’ACHA is the State’s only Homecare Worker-Owned Co-op that offers non-medical private –payers a way to plan long-term affordable care.

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