About Us

About Us

When you choose ACHA, you’ll find a one-stop resource for your entire home care needs. ACHA knows that quality services influence far more than the physical health but contributes directly to your quality of life. The delivery of good medical care often involves professionals working together. ACHA’s approach to long-term care and the ultimate goal to improve industry standards has brought new awareness to the industry leaders who are all very concerned about patient hospital readmissions. Client safety and outcomes is our number one priority.

Mission Statement

The spirit of our Homecare Co-operative is individuals joining together to support each other for mutual benefit. By developing a more caring society in the belief that the solution of most human problems lies in the love and understanding of one human being for another.

What Sets Us Apart

As a Worker Co-operative we are a value driven business that puts workers and community benefits at the core of its purpose. In contrast to traditional companies, the workers are owners and participate in the profits, oversight, and often management of the enterprise using democratic basis of "One person-One Vote" proving to be an effective tool for creating and maintaining sustainable, dignified jobs; generating wealth and improving the quality of life for workers.

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